Downtown Businesses Prosper After Busy Weekend

Tourism Increases During Hectic Weekend

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With a hectic weekend in Duluth, businesses continued to thrive during all the craziness.

Not only was it the boat show, but thousands took the plunge into Lake Superior and playoff games were in full swing at Amsoil Arena. 

We’re told the influx of people benefited employees at Grandma’s Sports Garden.

“Having weekends on the calendar where we’ve got events happening is great.  It allows us to keep staff on board in an otherwise slower time of year for Duluth and tourism,” said Grandma’s G.M.,  Matt Baumgartner.

Overall, the restaurant kept up with the big groups and said they had a successful weekend. 

“You want to get close to running out of things because you know you’re busy.  But, you don’t want to run out of anything so I think we did a good job and I think we had about what we had expected as far as turnouts for the events,” added Baumgartner.

Grandma’s is also preparing for another busy weekend with a robotics competition coming to town.

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