Duluth and Superior United Way Organizations to Potentially Merge

Leaders From Both Org. Talking About Uniting

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Leaders from the United Way Organizations of Duluth and Superior are talking about merging.

The discussion began 10 years ago. 

A joint task force among the two organizations will allow for more opportunities.

A lot of decisions have yet to be made but both organizations are in discussions about a merger.

A proposal could be ready for consideration within six to eight weeks.

The advantages include improved efficiency, decreased duplication, more effective fundraising and better services overall. 

“We suspect it’s going to be more money coming to our community to build the structures of the services that we need to make sure this continues to be a community,”said Executive Director, Matt Hunter of United Way of Greater Duluth.

It would simplify things for a number of large businesses that support the United Way in Duluth and Superior.

“Just because they are in different towns doesn’t mean that some of the services in the area aren’t sharing and participating together.  So, we believe the services are already functioning more on the Twin Ports and regional basis.  We think this is  just kind of an acknowledgment of what’s actually happening on the ground,” said Hunter.

The Superior community needs to verify this is a good idea. 

A vote will take place within a couple weeks.

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