Knowing Your Neighbors: VIP Pizza

Bringing a Taste of Italy to the Northland

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“It’s a process, watching everything get all sliced up, very fresh, so that’s old style I guess, old Italian style,” said Barry Shaw, banquet manager and bartender at VIP Pizza.

Generous portions made with top quality ingredients.

“It’s more family–oriented, we’re not big business,” said Shaw. “You know, just a father–son owned business.”

It’s what VIP Pizza owners pride themselves on, while serving their specialty pizzas and hearty pastas.

About the owner, Shaw said, “He refuses to make the frozen pizza crust or anything else. Everything has to be done a certain way, it has to be done this way.”

One of the most popular things on the menu is sausage.

“The owner hand makes it himself back here and stuff, so it’s his own secret ingredients. I think there are maybe three people that know how to make it, so he kind of keeps that a close–guarded family secret,” explained Shaw.

Five years ago, VIP in Superior moved into a new location on Tower Avenue, providing more space for diners, and banquet facilities that serve up to 180 people at a time.

But it’s the decor that brings that authentic Italian feeling nearly 8,000 miles overseas to Superior.

“If you stand in front of the painting, it looks like you’re actually in the painting with it,” Shaw said.

Hand–painted murals of the Coliseum and other Italian sites coat the walls.

“He did that village on the back with the water reflecting. It just enhances the atmosphere for the whole entire restaurant,” Shaw expressed.

The combination of the atmosphere and the old–Italian style recipes keeps families coming back for more.

When fresh ingredients are mixed with tradition, that’s amore!

VIP Pizza is now selling jars of their own pizza sauce and pasta sauce, for those of you who want to bring a little taste of Italy into your own kitchens.

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