Student Gives Old UMD Lounge a Big Makeover

Ven Den Looks Modern With Vintage Flair

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A student lounge at the University of Minnesota Duluth that was due for a much needed makeover was unveiled Tuesday morning.

Before the renovation, the Ven Den in the basement of Bohannon Hall was described as outdated, uncomfortable and gross.

Now, the Ven Den looks modern with a vintage flair.

Thanks to a campus-wide design competition, the space has been transformed into a place where students can relax and hang out.

“I wanted it to still feel like the Ven Den that 50 years of students and faculty have experienced throughout their time at the school,” said theatrical design and production student and competition winner, Solveig Bloomquist.

“My design primarily consisted of keeping the late 60s early 70s aesthetic, and so that’s seen in circle couches and orange and red,” she said.

Bloomquist says her favorite part of the renovation is the circle couches and spinning chairs.

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