Minnesota Generates Billions From Art, Culture

Minn. Creative Releases Results of 2 Year Study

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A new study shows non-profit art and culture contributes $1.2 billion to the economy.

Wednesday evening, representatives from the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts broke down the results of the study.

The study took two years to complete.

When it comes to economic impact, the Arrowhead region is the second biggest contributor in the state — producing nearly $40 million.

Art experts say it is the appreciation for the outdoors that keeps local art groups up and running in the Northland.

“It’s something that keeps people here – keeps them from moving away because they enjoy living here,” said Sheila Smith, executive director for Minnesota Citizens for the Arts.

“It’s part of the quality of life, but also you guys have really amazing numbers in terms of bringing people here for the arts and culture.”

For full results from the study, click here.

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