Superior Union Supporters Localize ‘Right to Work’ Protests

Dozens Storm Belknap and Tower to Support Unions

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Things are heating up in Superior while union workers protest against Wisconsin’s Right to Work bill.

The protests have made their way from Madison to Superior.

“The people who are not going to be choosing to join unions are a bunch of freeloaders,” said University of Wisconsin-Superior student, Kara Schmidt.

Thursday evening local democrats and union workers took to the streets to voice their opinion about the bill.

The ‘right to work’ bill was introduced to the legislature no more than two weeks ago.

With statewide backing from republicans and zero support from democrats it’s on the fast track to become a law.

The corner of Belknap and Tower Avenue was a busy place Thursday evening as it was filled with dozens of union supporters.

“10, 15, 20 years down the road it’s going to impact children and grandchildren,” said 28 year Ironworks Local 512 union member, Norm Voorhes. “It’s going to not enable them to make a fair living wage with real benefits.”

They believe the bill would create unsafe work environments and lower wages for all Wisconsin workers not just union members.

“States where right to work is already in action women don’t get paid as much as men. Even like workplace mortality rates are really high,” said Schmidt.

Republican supporters say the right to work bill will give workers the freedom to decide whether to pay union dues, and believe it will attract more businesses to Wisconsin.

“The bottom line is that to move our state forward Wisconsin needs a modern economy,” said Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. “The status quo has served us well in the past but in order to see our economy continue to compete at a global level we cannot remain mired in the antiquated system.”

The Senate passed the bill Wednesday with a 17-15 vote.

The assembly is expected to see it next week, and experts say it’s expected to pass.

Governor Scott Walker has already said he’ll sign it when it hits his desk.

Another right to work rally is happening Tuesday March 3 at 5:30 p.m. at Center City Park in Superior.

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