Study: Recession Likely Contributed to Recent Suicides

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The financial stress of the last recession likely contributed to a recent increase in suicides among middle-aged Americans.

Job, financial or legal problems played a role in 37.5 percent of all suicides among that group in 2010 which is up from 33 percent five years earlier.

Researchers urge human resource departments and managers need to be aware that layoffs may trigger suicides and be prepared to get people the help they need.
This year’s flu vaccine is even less effective than previously thought.

The shot was only 18 percent effective against the dominant H3N2 flu strain.

That’s a drop from the estimated 23 percent prediction made earlier in the season.

It was even worse for children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pegged the effectiveness for the kid’s vaccine at 15 percent.

The poor performance is because the virus’ mutations circulated.
A recent study says people are more likely to take risks when they think about God beforehand.

Researchers found people who were reminded of god were more willing to do things like skydive and gamble.

According to the study, believers tend to view god as a source of security, so they perceive less danger in risky situations.

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