Vitta Pizza Cooks Wood-fired Pie in 90 Seconds

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Talk about quick service; there’s a pizza place owner in Duluth that claims he can cook a whole pizza in 90 seconds.

“Everybody loves pizza,” said owner of Vitta Pizza in Duluth’s Canal Park, Brad Erickson. “Who doesn’t like pizza?”

Erickson says the flames kiss the pizza in such a way that you’ve just got to try it.

“Traditional recipes that are a family secret,” said Erickson.

He can’t imagine making his traditional Neapolitan pizza any other way.

He says the secret is fresh mozzarella, Italian tomatoes, and flour shipped over from Naples, Italy.

“We don’t even have a freezer here,” Erickson said. “Everything we do is fresh.”

Once the Italian masterpiece is complete, it’s perfectly placed into a one-of-a-kind, 1,000 degree wood-fired oven.

“It’s great to have it in Duluth, Minnesota because you just don’t see it a lot,” said Erickson.

It’s a unique spot that refuses to stray from good old Italian tradition, and prides themselves on serving a good pizza with a smile.

“We stick to a certain style of pizza making which is made with our hands and our heart,” said Erickson.

Vitta Pizza is located on Canal Park Drive in Canal Park.

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