Burrito Burger Newest Menu Item at BU

A Burger In A Burrito!

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Picture this. A burger in a burrito! It’s the hottest new item at Burrito Union.

It’s made with a 1/3 pound of beef patty pressed in a tortilla with cheddar jack cheese and grilled. 

It’s served three ways: California, Hawaiian and Southwest.

Workers say the new addition has been a hit and are looking to have more flavor options. 

“We’re keeping ideas open for other flavors.  So, if people came in and said I’d like to try this and this, we would like to accommodate that and maybe get some new flavors on the menu,” said BU Kitchen Manager, Brian Wells. 

Wells also says business has picked up since the new feature. 

“The first day people didn’t like it that much but our servers have really been pushing it.  I think once people describe it to them, it sells well and it’s been picking up.”

The restaurant is looking to add a new menu next month. 

They hope the BU burger is part of the addition.

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