31st Beargrease Sled Dog Race Concludes

Beargrease Sled Dog Race Finishes Up Wednesday

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Spectators were ready and waiting around the fire for the first Beargrease musher to cross the finish line.

Ryan Anderson led his dogs to first place after completing a 319 mile course, and from the beginning it was once again, a close race.

“Nathan and I were kind of running together the whole time as far as runs went, and the last couple runs I ended up going through Sawbill and I guess he chased me out of there. I don’t know if that was his plan to do or if that was his game there or not,” Ryan Anderson, Winner of the 2015 Beargrease Sled Dog Race said.

Through tough terrain and hilly landscapes, Anderson was anxious to keep going.

“It was just trying to maintain a steady pace throughout the whole race was kind of my plan and I think we accomplished that. The snow did slow us down some but not that much,” Anderson said.

“I kinda wanna actually turn around and go to Two Harbors, but the dogs are looking real good they’re happy.”

With only 20 minutes between the first and second place mushers, Schroeder crossed the finish line at 3:21 A.M.

“I kind of went out and left highway 2 and I thought to myself, I’ll give my dogs about an hour and I’ll try to pick them up to race and they were all raced out so we just coasted in,” Nathan Schroeder, Second Place Musher of the 2015 Beargrease Sled Dog Race said.

But the training for these dogs is not over just yet.

“I’ll give the dogs whatever time the need to recoup, but probably a week and then we’ll start training off again real lightly,” Schroeder said.

While Schroeder is getting his dogs ready for the Iditarod in March, Anderson will be getting his pups in gear for the U.P. 200 in Marquette, Michigan.

“We’ll be pretty much racing every other weekend until the end of March, so they’re going to be some tired dogs come April 1st, so they’ll need a little R and R,” Anderson explained.

The one and only Beargrease is a reminder of the friendly competition between two friends.

“I have a lot of respect for Nathan’s dog team and especially for what he did in Iditarod last year and to just be able to compete with him is I think a good accomplishment,” Anderson said.

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