Allegiant Airlines Cutting Services in Duluth

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Duluth’s luck has run dry in sin city as Allegiant Airlines announces its officially over and out at the Duluth International Airport.

Duluth airport officials are disappointed, but not surprised about the airline cancelling service out of the Twin Ports.

“We did everything they could to make it successful and unfortunately they made the decision to go,” said Natalie Peterson, Duluth International Airport marketing and communication director.

This comes just days after Allegiant announced it was only going to suspend its Vegas flights through the summer.

The Allegiant gate will close May 18 leaving passengers with reservations after that with a refund.

For nine years, Allegiant has been a cheap flying choice for northern Minnesota and Canada.

In eight short months, the airline went from three destinations to none.

The cut leaves 10 part-time employees jobless and a revenue loss for the airport.

“We knew there was concern about the numbers,” said Peterson. “We’ve been managing that for the last over a year.”

The fallout with the airline started back in July when flights to Phoenix were pulled.

In September, the airline announced flying to Orlando will no longer be an option.

Monday the airline suspended its only remaining flight to Vegas.

“With Allegiant, when they’re selling seats at $69, $99 one way, it’s not profitable for them,” explained Peterson. “So it’s wonderful for the consumer, but it’s not great for the airline.”

Duluth Airport officials say Allegiant has been changing their business model and moving flights from small airports to bigger hubs.

Allegiant released a statement reading, “We’re certainly saddened to end service in a market we’ve served for so long. We thank the Duluth International Airport for their partnership and the Duluth community for their loyalty over the years.”

At the end of the day it’s one less option for the passengers looking for a cheap flight close to home.

“It’s just a lot closer it’s an hour and a half versus 4 hours driving time one direction,” said Allegiant flyer, Jon Carlson. “I don’t like it. It’s too bad, but what are you going to do?”

On the flip side, Allegiant leaving opens a window of new possibilities for the still growing Duluth Airport.

“With Allegiant leaving the market this gives us an opportunity for another charter airline or other opportunities,” Peterson said.

Allegiant may be out the door, but airport officials say Delta and United are still going strong.

If you are one of those people out there with an Allegiant flight booked after May 18 the airline will be contacting you for a full refund.

Airport officials say if you have any questions or concerns about an Allegiant flight you have booked, contact the airline directly.


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