Cirrus Aircraft Drives a Strong Performance

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The sky is the limit for Cirrus.

New aircraft shipments for 2014 are driving the company’s strongest performance in six years, totaling 308 shipments.

Momentum is on the upswing as the company added 75 new jobs in 2014, with 40,000 additional square feet of manufacturing space.

The latest craze is their new Conforming Vision Jets.

“It will house machining; some assembly and production. Ultimately even some of our experimental and our R n D capability. That facility over on Miller Trunk highway can hold up to 50 people,” said Todd Simmons, Chief Customer Officer and Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing and Customer Support at Cirrus Aircraft.

Another achievement for the company is the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, which has safely returned 104 people to their loved ones, including a safe landing in January 2015. 

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