Crime Alert System for Wisconsin Businesses and Residents

Wisconsin Crime Alert Network

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Superior Police officers say there has been a lot of success with the Wisconsin Crime Alert and now they’re working on increasing their membership in Superior.

The online tool is used to solve and prevent criminal behavior, find stolen property, identify suspects and get more information on police action.

Residents can receive the crime alerts via email, text messages or through fax from law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

Superior Police recommend anyone from everyday citizens to churches and businesses take advantage of the program.

“Especially the businesses in our community,” Superior Community Police Officer Bonnie Beste said. “So we can get information quickly out to them of different people who might be targeting them to run some scams or scam them out of money some sort of way usually.”

The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network is also used to locate missing children and adults.

Authorities say Wisconsin law enforcement departments have used it to catch criminals.

“So possibly there’s been a suspect down in a different area of Wisconsin or Minnesota even and we can locate that suspect because of the alerts we have sent out,” said Beste.

You can tailor your membership to receive alerts for certain categories and geographical locations so you do not get inundated with information.

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