CSS Aims to Become More a Inclusive Campus

College Conducts Diversity Mapping Study

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The College of St. Scholastic is on a mission to be a more welcoming campus.

The university hosted a presentation revealing the results from a recent diversity mapping project examining their level of progress towards diversity and inclusion in the last four years.

Halualani and Associates, a diversity analytics consulting firm, conducted the study from spring 2014 to fall 2014.

“They’re not just at the introductory level where they’re saying we’re committed, we’re committed, we’re committed with a lot of different mission statements,” Halualani and Associates Founder Dr. Rona Halualani said. “They’re actually engaging in many events, many efforts. We specified that a 3 to 5 year diversity master plan strategy that should be developed by the college to gain traction on diversity and inclusion. As opposed to just engaging in activity and projects that don’t have a logic to it.”

CSS officials say promoting acceptance and diversity is one of the university’s top priorities.

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