Duluth Police Warn of Drug Overdose Risk

6 Drug Overdoses Over 24 Hour Time Span

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The Duluth Police Department is coming off of a startling weekend with at least a half dozen drug overdoses.  

All believed to be caused by heroin.

Opioid drugs are pain relievers that are highly addictive and the Duluth Police Department tells Fox 21 the trend is growing from addictive pills to the use of heroin. 

The number of heroin deaths in Minnesota has risen sharply in the past few years as cheaper but purer forms of the drug have reached the state. 

Another life has been lost in the Northland due to a drug overdose. 

A 42 year old female from Clinton Township in St. Louis County died last Friday. 

Besides this death, Duluth Police responded to a half dozen other overdoses in a 24 hour period over the weekend. 

None of which were fatal.

The Department is continuing to be aggressive with enforcing drug crimes. 

They are serious about prosecuting those who are selling these dangerous drugs. 

“These people have no regards for people who are using these drugs.  Some of the people are overdosing and some of the people are dying and to me that’s somebody who is willing to sell death and that is what they are doing.  They are selling death to people,” said Lt. Jeff Kazel with the Duluth Police Department.

Of the 6 cases responded to in Duluth, no one has been arrested yet as the investigations continue. 

Police are encouraging the public to help them out with information. 

A forum will also be held at UMD April 16th to talk more about the risks of these dangerous drugs.

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