Lawmakers Propose Bill to Keep Police Body Cam Footage Private

Bill Addresses Police Body Cams, Records

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Body cameras are soon to be all over police officers in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Debate is continuing as to whether the footage from the cameras should be seen by the public. 

A new bill at the State Legislature is saying the video should be kept private.

Lawmakers want to privatize the video and prevent the public from seeing individuals in a vulnerable state. 

If the bill passes, it could mean that third parties wouldn’t be able to see the body camera video unless they go through a strict legal process. 

This is something Iron Range Legislator Carly Melin agrees with. 

“I think that innocent people and victims should have their privacy protected.  I’m not sure videos should be out there for public’s use if somebody is innocent or if they are the victim of the crime,” said Melin.

Currently, the video can be made public once a case is closed. 

Conversations are only getting started about the proposed bill but there is a lot of concern about the current law.

Legislators believe there needs to be a balance between public and private access.

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