Locals Flock to Shelters to Stay Warm

Shelters Fill up in the Cold

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All 46 of CHUM’s beds and units in the new Steve O’Neil apartments are taken.

With temperatures reaching into the negatives more people need a warm place to stay.

Officials with CHUM tell FOX 21 no matter how full they are they will always make room so people do not have to sleep in the bitter cold.

“If you come to CHUM and are seeking shelter we will make room for you,” CHUM Executive Director Lee Stuart said. “We have sleeping pads we’ll put on the floor to make sure that that happens.”

CHUM does adhere to sobriety and non-violence rules.

If you are in need of shelter or you know or see someone who is homeless you are encouraged to call CHUM’s Street Outreach at 218-461-8505.

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