Low Snowfall Impacting Lake Superior

Lake Levels Drop Slightly

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This winter’s relatively light snowfalls have caused Lake Superior’s water levels to drop a bit.

But biologists say lake levels are still average.

Researchers say in the winter the lake has a low inflow of water and high evaporation.

“When there’s no ice evaporation over the lake is actually very high in the winter,” Large Lakes Observatory Director Bob Sterner said. “The cold dry winter winds blowing over the lake pull a lot of moisture out of the lake and put it in the air.”

Scientists also believe last year’s polar vortex helped stop a predicted dangerously low water level in Lake Superior that would be brought on by climate change.

“Currently the lake is higher than it’s been in any January since 1997,” said Sterner. “It was way high before, it’s come down some, but it’s still what we might call from recent years a high level.”

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