New Bill Supports Utilizing Wind, Solar Energy in Minnesota

MN Clean Energy Plan Seeks Northland Support

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Every year Minnesota spends $18 billion on non-renewable energy.

A new bill is about to significantly change that.

Clean and sustainable energy resources are a trending topic at the state capitol.

More than 60 clean energy organizations are teaming up with lawmakers to pass a bill that will make Minnesota a leader in creating renewable resources.

It’s called the Minnesota Clean Energy Plan.

It’ll increase the renewable energy standard to 40 percent by 2030.

In other words, power companies like Minnesota Power and Xcel Energy will have to generate 40 percent of their energy from renewable resources like wind or solar.

Experts say the clean energy plan will keep more money in the state, and improve the overall quality of life.

“It will save money in the long run, create good jobs and leave a stronger legacy for our children and grandchildren,” explained Justin Fay, the campaign manager for Minnesota Clean Energy & Jobs.

Locally, Duluth Mayor Don Ness hopes to pitch into the plan by converting the Duluth steam plant to make it environmentally friendly.

“Currently we have a coal fire, relatively inefficient steam plant operating on the shores of Lake Superior,” said Mayor Ness. “We have a big vision to make the conversion to a much more efficient hot water system.”

Energy experts say 85 percent of Minnesota’s energy comes from fossil fuels and clean alternatives like wind and solar power are severely underutilized.

The bill is still in the early planning stages, and was just introduced to the legislature this week.

Supporters believe it’ll pass with full bipartisan support.

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