New E-Cigarette Bill Would Regulate E-Cigs and Restrict Indoor Use

Expand Ban to All Workplaces

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Legislation has been introduced that would ban the use of electronic cigarettes indoors statewide.

The bill would add e-cigs to Minnesota’s Clean Indoor Air Act, which would ban use in all workplaces.

Last session, new rules passed that ban their use in some public places like hospitals and schools, but not all.

Workers at Pizza Luce say it would also help protect the youth. 

“It promotes for younger kids and what not.  I’m not really about it but if you want to do it just go outside,” said Line Cook at Pizza Luce, Gregory Nielsen.

Sixteen cities and seven counties across Minnesota have already added e-cigarettes restrictions to their local ordinances. 

“I think it makes it more family friendly to be out and about,” Nielsen said.

Duluth has banned their use in public places for about two years.

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