Outdoor Writers Association Coming To Duluth

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The Outdoor Writers Association of America first came to Duluth in 1996, and now it’s on its way back.

They never repeat cities, but officials say they decided to come back for a third time because Duluth is constantly reinventing itself.

The Outdoor Writers Association of America consists of TV producers, photographers and more.

In June of 2017, about 300 writers from all over the country will come to Duluth for a three-day conference to learn and write about Duluth’s outdoor recreation, restaurants and pubs.

“It’s not just that they come and visit and leave,” Visit Duluth President Anna Tanski said. “They continue telling our story and sharing what Duluth has to offer across the country for years to come. This is a tremendous opportunity for us.”

Duluth beat out Indianapolis, Indiana, Lincoln, Nebraska and Springfield, Missouri for hosting the conference.

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