Permit to Carry Numbers Decrease Statewide

Number Still High in St. Louis County

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According to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, 41,493 permits to carry were issued in 2014 in Minnesota, a stark decline from 60,471 permits in 2013.

What’s all the more interesting is that St. Louis County is in the top five for permits issued statewide – trailing behind metro counties like Hennepin, Anoka, Dakota, and Ramsey.

Teaching permit to carry classes is a full-time job for instructor Frank Le Fevre of Saginaw Firearms.

“We’ve seen a big growth rate in the last couple of months,” said Le Fevre.

The increase in permit applications knows no age.

“This year our oldest one (getting a permit) was 91,” said Le Fevre.

In order to get a permit you have to take a class certified by the state and then undergo a background check.

“When I talk to people and ask them in class why do you want to get your permit it’s because they want to walk, they don’t want to be afraid, some have had bad experiences,” said Le Fevre.

When it comes to the power of pulling the trigger, it comes with insurmountable consequences.

“Handling a firearm, what you can and can’t do, consequences of your actions, physical and psychological effects of the account,” said Le Fevre are just some of the things he covers in his class.

It’s no surprise that pulling the trigger, can mean jail.

“Carrying a firearm the consequences of our actions are so huge – the responsibility goes beyond anything that they really think about,” explained Le Fevre.

If all else fails Aaron Ramsey with Fisherman’s Corner has some advice.

“I got a pair of feet and I can run a zig-zag motion better than most can shoot,” said Ramsey.

As of March 2, the total number of active permits in Minnesota is 189,142.

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