Proctor Golf Course Board Terminated

Significant Revenue Loss To Blame

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After losing $24,000 last year, in what was financially their worst season yet, the city of Proctor has decided changes needed to be made to the management of the city’s public golf course.

Up until now, a golf board has been managing the course, but after 21 years that board has been terminated.

Going forward, the city will take control and do all the bookkeeping for the course.

The board will become an advisory committee, making recommendations and pitching ideas for improvements.

Members of the board have been golfing the greens in Proctor for years, and Mayor David Brenna attributes the significant loss in revenue to last year’s long, cold winter.

“We can control a lot of things, one thing we can’t control is the weather, so we’re just going to try a new vision,” said Brenna.

The city says no jobs were lost and there is no hostility between the board and the city.

This spring, the city is hoping to break even and continue providing fitness and exercise options for the people of Proctor out on the links.

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