‘Racially Offensive’ Photo Circulates Through Denfeld

School District and Community Members React

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It was earlier this week that a picture made its way through social media platforms that made students along with community members feel hurt and disappointed.

Some even say it serves as an example that a lot of work still needs to be done with race relations.

The picture was distributed by a student at Denfeld High School according to district officials.

It is of an African American male with a rope tied around his neck with a caption that reads “Gotta hang em all.”

Since the incident an alert has been sent to parents of Denfeld students regarding what the District calls a racially insensitive matter.

Superintendent Bill Gronseth says they are taking further action.

“The content of this Snap Chat is a racist incident and that’s how we’re treating it,” said Gronseth. “That’s how we’re moving forward. Those are the discussions that we’re having as a school and as a community. Like I said we think it’s a disappointing, shocking incident that we need to address.”

Members of the Black Student Association at UMD tell FOX 21 the image is reminiscent of the effigy hung up of President Barack Obama after his re–election.

A noose was tied around his neck on an electronic billboard on Miller Trunk Highway in Duluth.

The BSA also feels this calls for deeper conversations, respect and repercussions.

“That student who did that seemed like he needs an environment where he can grow and learn and not to see people in that way,” BSA member Kodah Mohamud said.

“I think it’s sad, unfortunately it’s not really shocking,” BSA member Kadoh Chomilo said. “It doesn’t surprise me that that happened. It’s just something that we can’t control. Not everyone’s racist but there are some people that are.”

The Duluth School District tells FOX 21 at this time they are not at liberty to say if and how the student is being reprimanded.

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