Unique Ways Northlanders Celebrated V-Day

Unconventional Valentine's Day Celebrations

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“He signed us up as a surprise for Valentine’s Day,” said Kristi Modich.

Dinner, chocolates and a movie will always be Valentine ’s Day staples.

But this year Casey and Kristi Modich wanted to try something different.

“The glasswork is something that I’ve done in the past so I have some experience in it,” said Casey. “She’s never done it before but knew that I had done it for years. “So it was a fun way to get together and do it.”

Inside Lake Superior Art Glass they learned how to make their own wine goblets.

“It’s really awesome, it’s fun.” said Kristi. “Dan is a really great teacher.”

Keeping the love alive with a unique torchwork glassblowing class reserved just for two.

“It’s been a fun experience and it’s something we can take home and remember for as long as it lasts,” said Casey.

The Great Lakes Aquarium is usually a favorite with families, but this Valentines it’s a hot spot for lovebirds.

“I just really like aquatic wildlife so we figured this would be a really good Valentine’s Day activity,” said Caroline Newman.

Jesse and Caroline are long distance lovers who met up in Duluth.

“We’re a pretty unconventional couple,” said Jesse Olberg.

Instead of a movie they’d rather watch sea creatures.

“Especially since we live so far apart you kind of have to dial it down a little bit,” said Olberg. “It’s not as important to be so high class whenever all you want to do is actually just see each other.”

They aren’t the only ones.

Staff at the aquarium tell FOX 21 they’ve had more than 400 visitors this Valentine’s Day.

The increased visitation could be a result of the holiday falling on a Saturday and couples wanting to keep cozy inside and away from the frigid temperatures.

“We kind of planed on going outside and then they revised the weather and said it was going to be about 20 colder than what we expected,” said Olberg. “We’re just excited to spend time together for Valentines.”

Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach nearly $19 billion dollars with millions of people showering their loved ones with gifts and entertainment.

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