Medical Marijuana Operations Restricted to Specific Zones

Duluth Identifies Potential Zones for Medical Marijuana

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Duluth City Officials are setting limits on where a medical marijuana distribution center can be placed in the city.

Many locations are already being considered in a recent proposal including industrial areas in the Lincoln Park and West Duluth neighborhoods, two parcels of land north of the Duluth International Airport, etc. 

Legally the state of Minnesota allows 8 medical cannabis locations. 

In November, the city council gave the planning commission a 6 month moratorium to do a planning study of the land use impacts of medical cannabis. 

The recommended areas would prohibit the growth of medical marijuana within 1,000 feet of public and private schools and 200 feet of residential zones. 

“We think this might cause a lot of traffic with a lot of people walking in and out.  We want to make sure it’s not in or near a neighborhood situation,” said the City’s Land Use Supervisor, Charles Froseth.

Licensed companies interested in medical marijuana distribution would have the option of picking a location among the zoned areas and would be granted an inter-um special use permit that would last up to 3 years. 

“Then we can look at the site and decide if there are further regulations we would need for parking, landscaping or setbacks.  It’s very specific because we aren’t sure how big these facilities will be,” said Suzanne Kelly, part of the City’s Community Development Division.

Medical marijuana becomes legal July 1st. 

The proposal was taken up by the Duluth Planning Commission Tuesday evening. 

Recommendations will go to the city council with a final vote in 90 days.

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