The Northland Gets an Early Taste of Spring

Crowds Enjoy the Warm March Temperatures

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FOX 21’s Stef Manisero was out and about in downtown Duluth with the hundreds of people enjoying this early taste of spring.

Monday was the first time since November 2, 2014 that temperatures hit the 50s in Duluth, and Tuesday, we saw widespread 50s across the Northland.

Warmer weather seemed to bring out the crowds to Canal Park and put a smile on everyone’s face.

In northern Minnesota, when it’s sunny and 55 in March, many people are surprised.

“I can’t believe it’s so warm outside already, I love it,” said Ashley Justice.

Others are hopeful.

“I hope it stays. I hope we don’t get any more snow for the rest of the spring,” Christina Boynton said.

And most are simply happy.

“This is so welcome,” Robin Tellor smiled. “This weather is good.”

But they can all agree being outdoors is pretty much a no–brainer.

“The first thing I said to him was like, ‘Let’s just go outside and walk around,’ I love it,” Justice said.

“Just walking the Lakewalk,” said Boynton. “We haven’t done it since last fall so it’s kind of fun to come back here again.”

“It’s beautiful, a gorgeous day,” said Austin Hines. “Perfect day to take the dog out and just enjoy the weather, see what Duluth has to offer.”

After a cold, snowy winter, these warmer, sunny days are welcome with open arms.

“It’s been awesome to have this early spring and take advantage of the sunshine and the vitamin D that we’ve been lacking,” Boynton laughed.

And open paws.

“He has to get out every once in a while,” Hines said of his pug. “Got a little crazy this winter.”

Giving Northlanders something to smile about.

“It’s just wonderful, it makes me excited for beach weather in the summer,” Boynton said.

With hopes that summer isn’t too far away. 

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