Chisholm Teen Going to National Spelling Bee

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An Iron Range 8th-grader has landed a spot in the National Spelling Bee.

“A” is just another letter of the alphabet, but combined with its 25 relatives it can create an insurmountable number of words.

Eighth grade student Cade Klimek of Chisholm High School is a whiz with words.

“My school spelling bee. I won that for the 4th–year in a row,” said Klimek.

After winning the school’s bee he progressed on to regionals where he took 2nd place.

It wasn’t too long before Klimek was headed to state for the third time, but this was the first time he would come in 1st place.

He has been an avid reader for years.

“Reading makes spelling easier I guess,” said Klimek.

The teen competed in his first spelling bee in 5th grade.

While he enjoys reading the Harry Potter series, the dictionary isn’t far behind.

“I’ll just take a dictionary and look for the harder words, then repeat them to myself and look them over,” said Klimek.

Aside from studying words in the dictionary and reviewing past spelling bee lists, Klimek has a few other tips and tricks up his sleeve to correctly spell most words.

“If it’s a plant there are certain types of letters that will go into the name. You can ask for the origin, where (the word) came from. If it’s Latin it will have certain letter for a sound, (much like if it’s Greek),” said Klimek.

Aside from his celebrity status at school, all–star moves in the pool where he competes on the varsity swim team and his accomplishment by making it the national spelling bee, Klimek is taking it in stride.

“Like I’ll walk down a hallway and I’ll just get random words (that people want me to spell),” said Klimek.

The National Spelling Bee takes place May 24-29th in Washington, D.C. 

Klimek’s family will fly out there with him for the competition. 

Klimek’s List of Words: animacule, decibel, tetrad, noblesse, egomaniacal, and chromatosis. 

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