The Benefits of Baby Sign Language

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Parents know the conversation too well.

Your baby is clearly trying to tell you something, but they haven’t mastered the use of words yet.

That’s why some parents have turned to sign language as a way to communicate.

“There are a lot of benefits to learning baby sign language; typically babies who sign typically tend to have better vocabularies when they do start speaking and they tend to speak earlier than those that don’t. It also reduces the frustration that parents feel when they can’t understand their baby, and their baby can’t understand them. So it’s a great way to communicate with your baby and reduce temper tantrums,’ said Jill Dominguez, Northside Hospital educational instructor.

There are websites, dvds, and even classes parents can take to learn the basics.

“Studies have shown that children who have signed with their parents as babies have higher IQ’s than those that don’t. The average is about 12 points higher, in addition children who sign with their parents as babies score higher on verbal tests when their older when they’re in school,” said Dominguez.

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