Community Discusses Ways to Alleviate Bullying

Meeting in Superior to Put an End to an Ongoing Problem

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In the weeks following a bullying incident that lead to the death of a Duluth teen, a new Facebook page called “Taking a Stand Against Bullying in Superior WI” was started by community members who decided it was time to make a difference.

Thursday night, a meeting was held, open to all members of the community, to discuss options for kids to turn to when being bullied.

Event organizers believe cracking down on bullying within school districts could help lessen bullying in the Northland.

“I think that not only the laws, but the school system has to come up with some other type of punishment other than detention because what I’m finding out is a lot of times if somebody’s being bullied, they’ll retaliate, and then they’re the ones being punished,” said Pam Berg, co-founder of Taking a Stand Against Bullying in Superior WI.

While organizers recognize bullying is something that may never completely disappear, they hope Thursday’s meeting is a single step in the right direction.

“I hope to see less kids feeling afraid. I hope to see less kids taking their lives,” said Kalee Hermanson, co-founder of the Facebook page. “I hope that they are able to feel empowered, to feel like they have somewhere to go, and that the community is theirs to stand behind them.”

The Facebook page was recently launched and organizers say, so far, the site has had really positive action in shutting down bullying.

People who are part of this community page, are working together to use the power of social media to stop bullying as soon as they see it.

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