New Proposal Would Help MN Parents with Child Care Costs

Proposal Would Help Parents in MN with Child Care Costs

Minnesota officials are hoping to do more to help parents with childcare.

Friday, the Department of Revenue Commissioner stopped in Duluth to discuss a proposal for an expanded child care tax credit.

The proposal provides $99.9 million in tax relief to 130,000 middle class families.

The commissioner says it’s an important way to help families decide what’s best for them.

“We know that sometimes that math can really be the tipping point for families, particularly if they’re thinking of, a second parent is thinking about going back to work after leave from a child whether its paternity or maternity leave. And it really makes a, it doesn’t make a lot of financial sense to go back to work and pay for childcare if that equation doesn’t work,” said Commissioner Cynthia Bauerly.

On average, child care in Minnesota costs families $10,812 per year.

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