Scoop the Poop: Clean Up Pet Waste

Leaving Waste Can Threaten Environment

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With most of the snow melted on city streets, the ugly side of spring is starting to show it’s stinky self.

Around this time every year, the City of Duluth is stuck picking up after people’s pets and leaving the waste can threaten the environment.

More than 40% of Duluthians have a pet which amounts to a lot of waste every day. 

It’s in everybody’s yard that has a pet, city parks and especially along the Lakewalk. 

The fact is the city’s beef with pet owners is they’re not picking up the poop. 

“It’s just a responsibility that pet owners have,” said Program Director of the Engineering Department for the city, Todd Carlson. 

Not only is it smelly and unsightly but it’s a water quality issue.

“It goes down the soil,” Carlson said. 

Left on streets, curb strips, yards and parks, city officials say pet waste can be carried to storm drains and harm our creeks.

“The more of that material and that poop we can keep out, the better our environment is going to be for the creeks,” Carlson expressed. 

It can also be a health risk to people.

“There’s a number of bacteria and organisms in that fecal matter that could make them sick.” 

If you can’t pick it up yourself, the Duluth Dog Waste Removal Service is here to help you out. 

So, scoop it, bag it and trash it. 

If you find yourself out and about and have no way to clean up after your pet, no worries!

The City of Duluth has set up a doggy bag station in most parks.

The city also has a pet ordinance stating owners are responsible to clean up after themselves.

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