Local Women Celebrate Women’s Right to Vote

EqualiTEA Kicks Off

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“We have a lot of fun with it as you can see,” League of Women Voters Duluth Board Member Sally Munger said. “We have people rent hats to wear.”

Sipping tea, eating scones, building relationships, sharing challenges and accomplishments were all part of the fun.

“It’s an exciting time for women,” said Munger.

Women of all backgrounds filled the Duluth Women’s Club for the annual EqualiTEA.

“We’re here to celebrate our foremothers and the efforts that they’ve done,” League of Women Voters Duluth President Zandy Zwiebel said. “The sacrifices they made to bring us all the opportunity to bring us to be who we are today.”

The event was coordinated by the League of Women Voters Duluth.

“We work on issues and we work on things that bring people together and its nonpartisan,” Duluth City Council President Emily Larson said.

The event was all about celebrating the ratification of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote in the U.S..

“Women gaining the vote changed the course of history,” said Larson.

But it did not happen overnight.

“It took 72 years for that to happen,” said Larson.

“They went to prison and they got forced fed and they were taken to jail,” said Zwiebel. “Just because they wanted to have a voice and equal opportunity in a democracy.”

Their fight, suffering and victory serves as a solid foundation for women to stand on and positively influence all corners of the world.

“Whether it’s environmental protection or advocacy for education, children’s issues, equality issues,” said Zwiebel.

“Women are often the pulse of their home and their neighborhoods and their communities,” said Larson. “So when we talk about voting when we talk about female candidates when we talk about female representation it really does matter.”

While there is a lot of progress event attendees say there is still so much to be done.

“They’re 67 people in the senate in Minnesota and 134 in the house,” said Munger. “So there are a lot more women but they’re still needs to be a lot more women.”

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