MN Poison Center Says Funding Needed to Avoid Cuts

Funding Needed to Prevent Cuts at MN Poison Center

Minnesota’s Poison Center says it needs more funding from the state, or else it will have to scale back its 24-hour emergency call center.

Minnesota Public Radio News reports the state legislature created the call center as part of an integrated poison-control system.

But legislators never fully funded it, and the state currently covers half of what’s needed to operate the center.

The Poison Center has asked for $800,000 to restore its budget for now.

The call center’s federal grants were cut a few years ago by more than 30 percent, and Hennepin County Medical Center says its contributions will cease July 1.

The center gets an average of 132 calls a day, with 60 percent of them involving drug overdoses.

Cases with children younger than 6 made up 45 percent of calls.

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