Psychic Uses her Gifts in Superior to Help a Good Cause

Unique Fundraiser Helps St. Jude

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Other than a typical fundraiser, “We like to think out of the box,” said Cathy Kates with B105. “There’s a lot of runs, there’s a lot of walks, there’s a lot of spaghetti dinners.”

So B105 and Kool 101.7 partnered with psychic medium Susan Anderson to help raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

“It’s a hospital without walls meaning that the research that they’re done there is shared, the protocol is shared worldwide,” said Kates. “Many of our doctors here use that protocol so that their patients can stay with their family and friends.”

With a $25 dollar ticket the audience members inside Barkers Island in Superior helped out a good cause while getting a psychic reading.

“In here you’re connecting spirit, with the physical side,” said Anderson. “So it’s always bout bridging two worlds.”

“I can see, I can hear, I can smell things, I can feel things,” said Anderson.

Walking up and down the room she randomly selects an audience member looking for answers and clarity.

“People come in and they want to know about who’s around them on the other side,” said Anderson. “Sometimes they want to know personal like what’s going on in their life.”

Nancy Gerber from Duluth was in the crowd.

“I can’t believe the things she talked about, I have goosebumps,” said Gerber.

Gerber is seeking peace from her husband’s death.

“I’ve been having such a hard time and she is real,” said Gerber. “She told me some things only Mike and I knew about. I’ve felt so good.”

Throughout the two hour session there was laughter, tears and even confusion.

“You’re connecting people to remember where they came from, to remember what that is, that’s all,” said Anderson.

In the end the event was all about helping to heal those who are hurting, whether it be physically or emotionally.

“There’s still cancer in little kids lives and so we are still raising money,” said Kates.

“I do believe that you give back so if you don’t have money you should perhaps use your skills and do something good for someone else.”

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