Doctors: Healthy Children Don’t Need Daily Vitamins

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Cartoon characters, bright colors, different flavors.

The vitamin world is speaking to children.

But when it comes to taking daily supplements, pediatricians say kids don’t necessarily need them.

“Healthy children who eat a normal well balanced diet do not need vitamins. Now, that exception is kind of a big one and that is vitamin D. And what we know is that most children here in the U.S. do not meet their RDA for vitamin D,” said Dr. Denise Nakos, a pediatrician.

That RDA for vitamin D for children is 600 international units a day which is the equivalent of 32 ounces, or four cups, of fortified milk or four servings of fortified dairy products such as yogurts and cheeses.

“Since most children aren’t getting that amount of milk – calcium is also part of that – so we also do recommend a calcium supplement along with the vitamin D,” said Dr. Nakos.

Doctors have one final word of caution for parents regarding vitamins made for children.

“The only issue would be that you are putting that out of reach like any other medicine because they do, they look and they taste like candy. Especially the gummies. So you want to be careful about ingestion, especially any vitamins that contain iron. Iron, if it’s overdosed, can be toxic,” said Dr. Nakos.

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