Duluth Pack Partners with Target

Two Minnesota-based Companies Team Up

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Duluth Pack has partnered with another Minnesota–based company.

Target will now be selling some of Duluth Pack’s most popular lifestyle accessory pieces.

This special assortment of items, called Target Collective, features six select companies that pride themselves on American–made and high–end products.

“They’re a Minneapolis-based company, so it’s another Minnesota-based company,” explained Ryan Hanson, a Sales Representative for Duluth Pack. “We think that anytime you can get more exposure for your brand, and especially for American–made manufacturing, that’s an absolutely fabulous thing.”

“Anytime we can work with local companies, we definitely support it, so working with a major retailer like that, we think is a big step forward for Duluth Pack and for the brand,” Hanson added. 

This special collection can only be found online at Target.com, and launches Sunday.

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