Gov. Dayton Pitches $94M in Additional Tax Relief

Gov. Mark Dayton is pitching $94 million in additional tax relief as part of a revised budget that also would boost spending on preschool and college programs.

Dayton released a revised budget plan Tuesday that parcels out money from Minnesota’s enlarged surplus.

The surplus grew by about $900 million from the time Dayton produced his initial budget in January.

The Democratic governor had previewed some of the new features before, such as the $235 million to give every 4-year-old access to a tuition-free preschool program.

Dayton’s new tax relief comes mostly in the form of a working family credit for low- and middle-income families.

His administration says 287,000 more families would qualify.

The plan heads to the Legislature, where a Republican-led House and Democratic-controlled Senate will craft their own two-year budget plan before negotiating one to send to Dayton. 

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