Students Learn Foreign Culture, Etiquette

4th Graders Leave Classroom to Practice Real-World Skills

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Duluth students practiced their “please and thank yous” on Tuesday and learned which fork to use at meals.

4th graders at Holy Rosary have been studying foreign culture and the use of proper manners.

Tuesday, they put their classroom knowledge to use at a local Thai restaurant.

“At Holy Rosary, we feel like it’s very important to learn about other countries, sample their foods, try new things, meet other people, because we live in a very homogeneous community in Duluth,” said Deb Stephan, a teacher at Holy Rosary School.

The students learned how to use chopsticks, and many had their first bites of Thai food.

“You need to know how to present yourself, be ready for prom, an important business interview, you need to be ready if you’re meeting the parents of your fiance, all of those kinds of things,” Stephan added.

Sumlee, the restaurant’s owner, also led the children in a special Thai blessing.

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