Cook Co. Commissioners Show Support for Dairy Farm

Commissioners Back Farm in Grand Marais

Cook County commissioners are showing their support for the Lakeview Natural Dairy farm in Grand Marais which isn’t letting state agricultural inspectors on its property.

A letter sent by board commissioners declared their support by referencing the state constitution which says any person may sell the products of a farm or garden occupied and cultivated by a person without obtaining a license.

They went on to say they support a consumer’s right under the state constitution to associate with private farmers in a private relationship to purchase products from the farm.

The letter comes after a judge ruled last week the state department of agriculture couldn’t hold the farm’s owner David Berglund in contempt of court and fine him $500 a day for not submitting to inspections.

Instead the judge put the contempt of court ruling on hold for up to 90 days while he reviews arguments to determine whether the MDA has the right to make the inspection in the first place.

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