Northland College Opens New Freshwater Center

Northland College Hires Journalist and Scientist to Co-Direct

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Northland College in Ashland is heavily focused on educating the next generation of environmental leaders and with having a new center strictly devoted to fresh water issues, they are able to up their education. 

This center will give the school an opportunity to broaden our region and do many more remarkable things.

The College won a $10 million endowment to create the Mary Griggs Burke Center for Freshwater Innovation. 

It will be based at the Burke Family’s country home near Cable, WI.

“It’s a great place to host summits and study certain aspects of the water,” said the College’s Director, Michael Miller.

Professor of Environmental Science, Randy Lehr, will help direct the center. 

He believes having the extra space will allow their students to get a more hands on experience. 

“It really helps to connect what they learn in class to where things are going in the world and how they are going to apply their education after they leave,” Lehr expressed. 

Lehr will teach multiple research classes that will focus on climate change.

“As we understand how things unfold here we will find solutions to these climate problems in our area.”

The college has also hired journalist, Peter Annin, from Notre Dame to co-direct the center.

“To have him come here really speaks volumes about the fact that water, particularly in the Great Lakes, is really critical to survival of our species,” said Miller. 

The duo’s vision has a main goal of helping to validate the mission of Northland College.

“We are really focusing our work on trying to understand this area and trying to work for the benefit of our community,” said Lehr.

The center will be available for the upcoming school year. 

In addition, several classes and camps will be offered throughout the summer.

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