Obese Women Have 40% Higher Cancer Risk

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Obese women may have as much as a 40 percent higher risk for cancer compared to thinner women.

These weight-related cancers include bowel, post-menopausal breast, gallbladder, kidney and pancreatic types.

Researchers note while cancer risk depends on a combination of our genes, environment and lifestyle, many of these elements are under your own control to reduce your risk.
Drinking diet soda is linked to expanding waistlines in senior citizens.

Researchers found people who never drank it saw their waist size go up by under an inch.

People who drank it occasionally saw it grow by 1.8 inches and those who drank it every day saw a three inch increase in their waistline.

Researchers note the increase is not necessarily because of diet soda.

Other factors, including using the drink to eat more, may also come into play.
More than 16 million people have health insurance now compared to five years ago before the Affordable Care Act became law.

The federal government says almost nine out of 10 people has health insurance.

That’s the biggest improvement in four decades.

The biggest jump in people insured came from minority groups.

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