Outdoor Recreation Stores Pull Out Warm Weather Toys

Snowmobile Sales 'Okay' After Non-Snowy Winter

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An early spring makes most of us jump for joy, but business owners that make their living selling winter toys are taking a big hit.

Duluth Lawn and Sport is slashing prices on winter gear and snowmobiles to make room for warm weather toys.

The slogan at the store is they would rather sell what they have rather than save it until next year.

The sales manager says while a disappointing lack of snow shortened the snowmobile season, sales were okay.

“We had so many preseason sales because of the snow from the year before,” said Dave Chrysler, sales manager at Duluth Lawn and Sport. “We probably won’t get as many people trading those in because they don’t have that many miles on it.”

Employees at Duluth Lawn and Sport say they typically don’t bring out the jet skis and lawn mowers until May.

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