St. Paddy’s Day Celebrations Bring Out the Irish

Tuesday's Festivities Include Beer, Food, Music

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The luck of the Irish brought us beautiful weather for Tuesday’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

March 17 only comes once a year, and Duluthians makes sure they celebrate the Irish holiday right.

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without good food, good beer, and good music.

For the Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is much more than a Tuesday.

“For some of us it means having a few drinks,” laughed Maureen Ryan. She’s 100 percent Irish and has taken two trips to her home country.

It’s the Guinness, the green beer, and the delicious traditional Irish meal that make the holiday such a big celebration.

“The Norwegians get their lutefisk,” said Molly McBride. “Why can’t we get our one day with corned beef and cabbage?”

For many, it’s not St. Paddy’s without the buttons, big bow ties, ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ shirts, and some much needed bling.

“The Celtic cross and I’ve got a shamrock pin here,” said Ryan pointing to her festively decorated straw hat. She adds pins to her collection every year.

“About 15-20 years ago, she made me this hat,” Ryan said, referring to her cousin. “Probably about 20 years now.”

People from this heritage are pretty proud of where they came from.

For Irish young and old, tradition runs strong and likely always will.

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day and enjoy it,” said Ryan. “The weather is beautiful today so you can’t even complain.”

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