Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday

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It’s a milestone that most will never witness in their lifetime: watching a century year old veteran born on St. Patrick’s Day celebrate his birthday.

If life was a melody it could never encompass the symphony that is RJ Keller.

On this day of March 17th, 2015, Keller’s 100th birthday it’s fair to say the luck of the Irish was on his side.

The spring chicken doesn’t look a day of 80-years-old.

A gentleman and certainly a flirt, Keller is a man of honor holding three different military positions.

“The horse cavalry was his first when he was 17-years-old. Then, the National Guard and the Marines,” said Sharon McCauley one of Keller’s three daughters.

He is a husband, father, grandfather and even great-grandfather.

“Lived on Lake Minnetonka and raised my daughters, all three are here (today). Thank God they’re still living,” exclaimed Keller.

For years he was behind the lens working as a professional photographer taking pictures in schools.

It was a new concept post WWII explained Keller, “We sold the pictures to the school and the parents for 50–cents a dozen”.

Keller has lived a life of adventure and accomplishment, something his daughter’s are quick to share.

“He has 21 patents in Washington,” said Sandy Fowler.

As for Keller’s daily routine at the Silver Bay Veteran’s Home it’s quite impressive.

“He is very disciplined. Dressed in a suit and tie for breakfast and lunch,” said McCauley.

In fact, not much has changed across the decades for Keller.

“He does 1,000 stair step strokes in 30–minutes and until a year ago he was swimming 20-laps in the high school Olympic swimming pool here (in town),” said his daughters Fowler and McCauley.

While Keller said there is no recipe for living to be 100-years-old he offered some advice.

“Live as good as you can and do what you like to do as long as you don’t hurt people, you got it made,” said Keller.

The words are simple wisdom from a man that is wiser and certainly older, than most.

As for his next birthday Keller said he views it differently.

He won’t be 101-years-old, instead he plans to start fresh at the age of one.

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