Duluth Seeks New Federal Grant For Flood Victims

Owners Of Damaged Homes Encouraged To Report To City

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It’s been three years since raging floodwaters tore through Duluth’s streets and homes, leaving millions of dollars in damage behind.

People are still struggling to fully rebuild. But now, the city is calling on those homeowners to help land a grant that could be between $1 million to $500 million.

The city opened up an online survey to the public on Monday to get an idea of just how many people still needed help.

City officials say since the survey opened, over 35 people have reached out, saying they still have damage, or are trying to figure out how to deal with the damage.

After analyzing the results that they find, the city plans to apply for a federal grant asking for millions of dollars to go towards repairing homes and businesses that were ruined from the flood.

Even further, this grant would go towards preventing such extensive damage in the event of another natural disaster.

“What we want to do with this grant opportunity is to look at resiliency. How do we build our repairs better resilient to future climatic events? Because we know that’s probably going to happen more with the way the climate is changing,” said Keith Hamre, Director of Planning and Construction for the city of Duluth.

There were more than 60 other places in the state of Minnesota that received presidential disaster declaration, making them eligible for this grant as well.

But Duluth will serve as the pilot project in terms of building for flood prevention.

The city will apply for the grant on Friday, Mar. 27.  Six months later, they will go to the federal government with exact projects and amounts that they will ask for.

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