MN Republicans Present Transportation Plan with No Gas Tax

MN Legislators Unveil $7 Billion, 10-Year Transportation Plan

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Minnesota’s Republican Leaders unveiled their plan to raise $7 billion over the next decade to pay for repairs to roads and bridges.

Minnesotans rely on road and bridge infrastructure for safe and efficient travel. 

The newly released G.O.P proposal re-focuses more existing transportation dollars to infrastructure costs without raising gas taxes. 

Sales tax generated from car parts and rental vehicles would go towards the plan accumulating an estimated $3 billion over 10 years. 

The governor’s plan would generate new money by raising gas taxes and other transportation related fees. 

“At a time when we know that Minnesotans economy is doing well because gas prices have been low, we’ve left more money in Minnesotans pockets.  I think we can also assume that taking more money out of Minnesotans pockets would be bad for the economy.  So, our plan will fund the needed money into roads and bridges over the next ten years without hurting Minnesota families,” said G.O.P House Speaker, Kurt Daudt. 

The Governor’s plan would raise the gas tax by at least 16 cents per gallon. 

That proposal is expected to be introduced in the house later this session.

According to a Star Tribune poll, Minnesotans oppose the Dayton plan 52% to 45%.

About 60% of Greater Minnesota residents opposed the governor’s proposal.

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