$50M Outdoor Recreation Plan Approved by Duluth Council

$18M Tourism Tax Dollars to be Spent in West Duluth

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Monday evening Duluth City Councilors unanimously approved a $50 million plan to spruce up projects in West Duluth.

Nearly 30 projects made the list to get a piece of the half percent tourism tax.

Projects include $2.3 million to Wade Stadium, Spirit Mountain’s pipeline project, and to the Lake Superior Zoo.

The plan also includes giving various amounts to riverfront restoration, cross city trails, horse trails, ATV trails, and the West Duluth climbing park.

The plan goes along with the Mayor Don Ness’ long term vision to renovate the St. Louis River Corridor and showcase how beautiful West Duluth is.

Duluth city councilors say this plan is both exciting and an amazing opportunity for the western part of Duluth.

They explained the project is more than just promoting outdoor activities.

It’s giving neighborhoods from Fond du Lac to Lincoln Park a new life.

“We’re doing it in a way that is really providing and meeting the needs of longtime residents,” said city councilor, Joel Sipress. “We’re investing in a whole lot of things that people who’ve been born and raised in the western part of the city have been wanting for a long time, but we’re also doing it in a way that’s going to be attractive to new residents and visitors.”

Beautiful trails and impressive projects come with a price tag bigger than what the city can handle.

The city plans to contribute $18 million from the tourism tax made on hotels, motels, and restaurants.

An estimated $34 million will come from state and federal grants, and community organizations that have fundraised.

Both amounts equal $50 million in total recreation and tourism projects in the western end of town.

The plan is not set in stone meaning dollar amounts and projects can change as development moves forward.

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