Duluth City Leaders Talk Bike Accommodations

Duluth Leaders Plan Bike Accomodations

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The City of Duluth is working to please bikers.

Downtown and Canal Park are thriving and the city knows they need to cater to the younger generation.

“Downtown is vibrant, Canal Park’s vibrancy is growing out into the eastern part of Superior Street, we’re seeing that entertainment district kind of take off and run and we’re seeing the downtown changes blossom again, so we want to make sure that, that all happens, but we’ve got to do it in a plan-ful way,” said Keith Hamre, Director of Planning for the City of Duluth.

City planners want to expand bike lanes and bike and parking facilities into downtown, but they also remind Duluthians they need to keep snow removal in mind.

Some business owners were concerned about losing business.

“I think we’ve kind of answered the question of whether or not there’s going to be bike lanes on Superior Street; there’s not going to be, but what we need to be looking at is what are gonna be the facilities we’re going to provide on 1st Street or Michigan Street,” said Hamre.

The city will be looking at Superior Street reconstruction and design in April and May.

Starting this summer, possibly in mid-May or June, the city also plans to test out free Saturday parking on all streets and avenues.

Time limits still will be enforced.

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