Gov. Walker Approves Improvement Project at Richard I. Bong Airport

Governor Scott Walker today announced a $365,833 project to do planning and design for the construction of a parallel taxiway to Runway 14/32 at Richard I Bong Airport.

The funds will also cover the cost of seal coating Runway 4/22 and painting of airfield markings.

Paula Groom, airport development engineer with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), said that a parallel taxiway provides an extra margin of safety and noted that the increased operations at the airport will benefit from the addition.

Additionally, the seal coating of Runway 4/22 will help to extend its useful life, and the airfield markings will help to improve visibility.

Funding Breakdown
• State = $13,312
• City of Superior = $13,313
• Federal Aviation Administration = $339,208

The project is scheduled to begin in March and should be completed by December 2017.

Richard I Bong Airport is one of 98 facilities included in the Wisconsin State Airport System Plan, which makes it eligible for state and federal funding.

Airport improvement projects are administered through WisDOT’s Bureau of Aeronautics.

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